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Eyres Safety Glasses



Eyres is a leading Australian based designer and manufacturer of safety glasses, safety sunglasses, prescription safety glasses and other protective eyewear.


Eyres safety glasses can be used for a wide range of safety applications and are designed to perform in the most unforgiving and hostile environments. Due to this, Eyres safety glasses are commonly used in industrial, mining, manufacturing, agricultural, health care, emergency services, military, law enforcement and sports industries.


Eyres has a wide variety of frame and lens options, allowing a perfect choice for all wearers.


At Eye Protect, we specialise in safety eyewear. We understand safety and the need for workers to protect their eyes from the dangers of the environments they work in. We also understand the requirements of businesses.


Please find below an overview of the Eyres range of safety glasses, safety sunglasses, prescription safety glasses and other protective eyewear.



Established in 1989, Eyres Optics are an Australian based designer and manufacturer of eye protectors and sunglasses. Focusing on state of the art ingenuity in tooling and forging, Eyres have demonstrated their ability to produce eyewear to meet both the simplest and most demanding needs.


Eyres are world leaders in developing, constructing and distributing advanced eye protection systems for many applications. Eyres products are known to be lightweight, comfortable, flexible, durable and optical friendly.


Recognised for offering high quality, stylish eyewear at competitive prices, Eyres Optics are the force behind exciting worldwide breakthroughs currently hitting the Australian market.


The Eyres Difference


The Eyres range uses the latest technology, unique materials and advanced designs to create safety spectacles and sunglasses. This is achieved through Eyres' commitment to superior quality and design, using methods to support ongoing innovation and improvement of products.


Eyres have invested in hardware, software and personnel development. Using their in-house testing facility, Eyres conduct continual batch testing to provide ongoing assurance of the quality of their products. Eyres are committed to the ongoing innovation and improvement of their products. Using highly accurate and calibrated equipment, Eyres safety glasses go through robust processes in their design and development before being put into production. 


Eyres uses superior materials to ensure that their eyewear is of top quality, and provides eye protection when it is needed most. Eyres provides a range of materials to suit a variety of lifestyles, always keeping comfort, performance and safety in mind.


Eyres non-prescription safety glasses


Eyres non-prescription safety glasses frames


The Eyres range of non-prescription safety glasses is classified into a variety of different collections. Whilst each collection is unique, they have safety as a common priority.


Tough As’ Collection: Developed to withstand heavy impact, whether it’s at work or play, these strong, highly flexible and durable frames have it covered. There’s no job too tough!


Tough As’ Collection Models: 124 Benz & 150 Bercy




Fashion Meets Safety Collection: This stylish modern collection is the blue chip option of the Eyres range, providing comfortable safety eyewear which are fashionable.


Fashion Meets Safety Collection Models (Low Impact): 608 Behave, 611 Allure, 614 Xccess & 617 4Ever.

Fashion Meets Safety Collection Models (Medium Impact): 307 Cobra, 412 Yagan, 620 Thunder, 621 Daredevil, 622 Hotrod, 628 Indulge, 630 Zero+, 631 Space, 702 Razor, 703A Yarr, 706 Chili, 711 Micro & 956 Motion.




Positive Seal Collection: Developed for extra comfort and protection against wind, dust, liquids and flying particles. These frames also reduce perspiration across the eyes. The Positive Seal Collection is great for dusty environments and perfect for mining applications.


Positive Seal Collection Models: 124WF Benz, 281WF Bryon & 702WF Razor Edge.




Alien Skin Collection: Whether it’s for work or play this collection provides great flexibility, supreme ocular coverage and is perfect for the fashion-conscious.


Alien Skin Collection Models: 952 Allblack, 953 Stiletto & 954 Jackaroo.




Day to Night Collection: An adaptive range of Eyres safety glasses with photochromic lenses that adjust to different lighting conditions. These lenses darken when exposed to the sun and lighten indoors. This provides a single safety frame for a person who works both indoors and outdoors. The Day to Night Collection also includes the latest innovation in lens technology with an Extreme Temperature Sensitivity (ETS) Coating, that is applied to photochromic lenses to ensure they respond to lighting conditions regardless of the ambient temperature.


Day to Night Collection Models: 120 Ditto, 628 Indulge, 702 Razor, 952 Allblack & 954 Jackaroo.




Goggles Collection: Designed to suit the needs of general and specific workplace environments. Whether in a lab, on a construction or mine site, riding a bike or fighting fires, the Eyres Goggle Collection has eye safety covered.


Goggles Collection Models: 130 Cockburn, 310 Oddie, 315 Classic G & 709 Eyeqsar.




Floaters Collection: Essential for water enthusiasts. Polarised water repellent lenses that reduce moisture build up allowing water to bead off.


Floaters Collection Models: 717 Mistral, 727 Titanic & 737 Wake.




Readers Collection: These frames contain lenses with bifocals moulded directly into the lens. This allows the wearer to read in hazardous environments without having to remove their safety glasses.


Readers Collection Models: 103Rx Magnifiq, 312Rx Reader & 629Rx Define.




Onsite Collection: Offers versatile low cost, medium impact safety glasses without compromising safety. This range is available in many styles and lens tints to satisfy comfort and visual requirements.


Onsite Collection Models: 102 Terminator, 109 Zip, 120 Ditto, 302 Active, 311 Onsite, 312 TF12 & 313 Mine.




Welding Collection: Designed to protect the eyes from hazardous light transmittance in certain welding operations. Available with Green IR3 or IR5 welding lenses.


Welding Collection Models: 102 Terminator, 313 Mine & 315 Classic G.




Mesh Collection A positive seal frame with a five position ratchet arm and stainless steel mesh. Ideal for humid environments, underground mining and landscaping.


Mesh Collection Models: 281WF Bryon Mesh


Non-Prescription Safety Glasses Lenses


Eyres offer a wide range of lens tints in their non-prescription safety glasses range allowing the wearer to choose a lens tint to suit the environment they operate in.

Non-polarised sunglass lenses: Provide protection from strong sunlight, providing natural vision for outdoor wear. These are extremely versatile lenses for outdoor activities.


Polarised lenses: These lenses are designed to cut out glare, especially in and around water environments. Specific colour tints can be used to increase performance in specific lighting conditions.


Low light-lenses: Best suited for low-light environments.


QUICK TIP: Businesses and wearers should consider the lighting conditions where the wearer will be wearing the Eyres safety glasses and select a lens tint appropriate for such application. For example, a worker working outside all day long in bright sunny conditions should select a non-polarised or polarised lens, but not a low light lens.


Prescription Safety Glasses



The combination of tough, durable and stylish frames from Eyres, combined with advanced lens technology developed by Shamir, brings the perfect solution for prescription safety glasses and eye protection. Eyres offer an array of prescription safety eyewear, which vary in features for workplace, sport and leisure applications.


Eyres prescription safety glasses frames


Eyres offer a wide range of prescription safety glasses in different shapes, styles and colours. All are designed with safety as a priority and can accommodate a wide variety of prescription.




Eyres prescription safety glasses lenses


The versatile prescription lens range allows the wearer to choose a prescription lens and lens tint to suit the environment they operate in. The wearer’s prescription and working environment ultimately determines the correct lens choice.


Shamir lenses can be supplied in two types of lens materials, (1) Polycarbonate or (2) Shamir DLCTM (Trivex).


Polycarbonate lenses: For years, polycarbonate lenses have been the industry standard for prescription safety glasses as they are durable, lightweight impact resistant and provide 99% UV protection. These, high index lenses reduce lens thickness for greater comfort and polycarbonate lenses are a good choice for impact resistance.


Shamir DLCTM (Trivex): Trivex lenses are ideal for demanding environments, sports, or for general every day protection against life’s surprises and offer 99% UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays.


Lens Coatings


Shamir safety prescription lenses can be supplied with a variety of different lens coatings. These coatings are designed to improve anti-reflection to minimise glare and manage light in different environments.


Untinted: Provides superior visual clarity with maximum light transmittance while blocking out 99.9% of UV.

Tinted: Protects against glare, improves contrast and enhances depth perception.


Polarised: Neutralises glare to help the wearer see more clearly and helps reduce the harmful effects of UV light.


Photochromic lenses: Seamlessly adjust to changing light conditions ensuring clear and unhampered vision.

Shamir Glacier Safety: Provides improved anti-reflection properties to minimise glare with a natural look. It helps to repel dust, water and enhances stain resistance to protect lenses from damage during day-to-day use.


Standard Compliance and Certification



Eyres guarantee independent product compliance by certifying products through SAI Global. The main standards relevant to supply of eye protectors in Australia are 1337.1, for plano eye protectors and, 1337.6 for prescription eye protectors. These standards are written with the assistance of industry leaders and experts to provide a set of minimum performance requirements. In line with these standards, Eyres certification accounts for impact resistance, lens transmittance and optical qualities, coverage and overall quality of the eye protectors.


When choosing eye protectors, it’s important to consider whether the product is compliant or certified. This helps to inform whether the product meets the required standards, and acts to support the safety, reliability and consistency of the product in performing in the way that it intended to.

Q. What is certified versus compliant?


Compliant eye protectors are tested once to determine that they meet the requirements of a standard. There is no guarantee that future batches or products of the same type also comply to the standard.


Certified products by contrast, undergo initial assessment to compliance, are registered with an independent certifying body (e.g. SAI Global) and additional batch testing and assessment occurs to ensure the product continues to meet the needs specified in the standard. Buying a certified product guarantees:


1. Ongoing compliance guaranteed

2. Batch testing

3. All components are traceable

4. Added liability cover


Low Impact and High Impact Protectors

Eyres eye protectors vary in their designs against different levels of impact. These can be classed as low and medium level impact. The level of impact should be accounted for when selecting safety glasses, safety sunglasses, prescription safety glasses and other protective eyewear. Medium impact eye protectors are required on all mine, construction and trade sites.


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