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About Us

Welcome to Eye Protect!!!

Eye Protect is 100% Australian owned and operated.


At Eye Protect our aim is to provide a wide selection of quality eye care and optical products at affordable prices. Our range of products is comprehensive and we provide a one stop shop for all your eye care requirements.


We have over 30 years of experience in the eye care industry with a registered optometrist and optical dispensing staff available for all technical and product information. Our knowledge of the eye care industry and our relationships with our suppliers ensures your ease of shopping at Eye Protect.


We source our products from major Australian manufactures and suppliers. We stock branded products, which carry worldwide recognition for quality and style. This ensures that you are purchasing leading edge eye care products.


At Eye Protect we supply a wide range of products for men, women and children including spectacle frames & prescription lenses, sunglasses, protective sports eyewear, safety eyewear, contact lenses and educational computer software. We also carry a wide variety of eye care accessories.




Prescription Spectacles

We supply a large range of mens, womens and childrens spectacle frames in a variety of styles to suit all budgets. You can customise your purchase by selecting the type of spectacle lenses you require as well as lens materials, coatings and tints. At Eye Protect, all our stock lenses are supplied with a FREE Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare and Scratch Resistant Multi-coat.



Sunglasses are worn mainly to eliminate the discomfort and disabling effects of bright light and to protect your eyes against ultraviolet radiation. At Eye Protect we supply a large range of mens, womens and childrens sunglasses which are available for a variety of occupational and recreational activities. Our sunglasses cater for all uses from fashion and general outdoor use to performance sunglasses for use in various sporting environments. All our sunglasses comply with Australian Sunglass Standards, ensuring you are wearing a quality product.


Prescription Sunglasses

Many of our sunglasses can be supplied with prescription lenses. This allows the wearer to have clear vision and protection from ultraviolet radiation. In the features table for each product we indicate whether a sunglass frame can be fitted with prescription lenses.


Sports Eyewear

We supply a large range of sports eyewear for men, women and children. It is unsafe to wear your normal spectacle frame and lenses whilst playing sport. Your eyes require special protection especially in fast-paced sports. Sports Eyewear has been specifically developed to include special features that significantly minimise the risk of serious eye injuries during sports. A variety of Sports Eyewear including goggles and frames are available with or without prescription safety lenses.


Safety Eyewear

Whilst working in hazardous environments it is vital for you to protect your eyes. Injury to your eyes can occur at any time be it at work in a factory or at home in the garden. Your eyes are a vital sense that cannot be replaced should you injure them. We stock a large range of safety eyewear that can be worn at work or home. Our safety frames can be fitted with prescription lenses, allowing you to see clearly whilst working and protecting your eyes. All our safety glasses including prescription safety lenses comply with Australian Standards.


Swimming Goggles

Whilst you can wear your spectacles on land, wearing spectacles in the pool or ocean just doesn't work. It can often be frustrating for people not be able to enjoy clear vision whilst in the water. We stock a wide variety of prescription swimming and diving goggles allowing you to have clear vision when in the pool or ocean. We also provide prescription lenses which can be fitted to your own diving mask.


Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology is more advanced than ever before allowing for improved comfort and wearing time. We stock a large range of daily, weekly and monthly lenses from the world’s leading contact lens suppliers. Brands include Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision and Johnson & Johnson. We are also able to supply custom made lenses in gas permeable or soft lens materials. Our prices are competitive and we supply a FREE pair of additional lenses with every order of disposable lenses.


Educational Computer Software

We supply a variety of educational computer software programs to promote literacy and numeracy in the school and home environment. These programs have been selected for their features in helping children develop their processing skills in their learning years. These programs can be used by all children from kindergarten through to high school.



We stock a large range of eyewear accessories. These include cases, cloths, cords, cleaners and other accessories.




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