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Cut 5 Gloves

Cut 5 Gloves | Top rated cut protection under Safety Standard EN 388:2003

Cut 5 Gloves are Cut Resistant Gloves, which have been tested and awarded the highest rating under European Safety Standard EN 388:2003. Cut 5 Gloves are designed to protect the wearer’s hands and fingers from being cut while working with sharp materials such as metal, wood and glass as well as whilst using sharp, bladed or pointed tools & machinery. Cut Level 5 Safety Gloves are used across a broad range of industries, particularly for the tougher and more hazardous jobs onsite.

Whilst the primary purpose of Cut Level 5 Safety Gloves is Hand Protection, Cut 5 Gloves are essential for productivity in the workplace. A worker with the right Cut 5 Gloves can handle sharp materials confidently. This makes getting the job done safely and efficiently, easier.

Safety Standards Certified

All Cut 5 Gloves supplied by Eye Protect meet or exceed Safety Standards. In particular, Cut 5 Gloves are tested in accordance with EN 388 & EN 374 (European Standard) and/or ANSI/ISEA 105 & ANSI/ISEA 138 (USA and International Standard). For specific ratings on the performance of different Cut 5 Gloves, please see the Product Information & Data Sheets located on the product page for each Safety Glove.

Bulk Orders & Consulting Services

At Eye Protect, we supply Safety Gloves, Work Gloves and Hand Protection to businesses of all sizes from individuals, contractors & SMEs to Australia’s largest companies with 1000’s of employees. We can supply Cut 5 Gloves in various quantities and offer bulk discounts for larger orders. For bulk orders, just call or email us using the Contact Us webform and our team can provide a custom quotation.

We can assist in the selection of the correct Hand Protection according to your industry and work environment and can provide consulting services as required. We also offer a free trial program for employers with more than 20 employees to test different models prior to larger orders.

On Hand to Help

If you have any questions, need a hand in selecting the right Cut 5 Gloves or want to find out more about our consulting services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Cut 5 Gloves Sizing

Manufacturers of Cut 5 Gloves provide sizing guides which make it easy to select the right sized Cut 5 Gloves. Please find the sizing guides below and don’t hesitate to contact Eye Protect if you have any questions regarding sizing and fit.

HexArmor Gloves Sizing Guide

HexArmor Arm Sleeves and Body Protection Sizing Guide

Cut 5 Gloves Care, Inspection & Replacement

To maximise the safety, effectiveness and longevity of Cut 5 Gloves, proper care, cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Different Cut 5 Gloves require specific care, and your best resource for proper Cut 5 Work Gloves maintenance is the manufacturer’s care instructions. Both employers and employees should regularly inspect Cut 5 Gloves for wear and tear. Cut, torn, punctured, worn out or damaged Cut 5 Gloves should be discarded and replaced immediately.

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