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Fire Goggles & Fire Fighting Goggles

Firefighter Goggles for Firefighting & Bush Fires

Firefighter Goggles, otherwise known as Firefighting Goggles or Fire Goggles, are a key element of PPE used when combating house and bush fires. Firefighter Goggles are especially designed to protect the wearers eyes from harsh conditions caused by fires and bush fires including fire, heat, smoke, wind and steam. The design of Firefighting Goggles reduces eye irritation caused by these harsh conditions and improves visual comfort. Firefighting Goggles are also designed to resist the effects of humid air (caused by fighting fires and bush fires with water), combating lens fogging and ensuring lens clarity.

At Eye Protect, we carry a wide range of Fire Goggles from leading manufactures such as Bolle Safety, UVEX & Australian Safety Wholesalers. We supply Fire Goggles across Australia to individuals and organisations including firefighters, fire crews, volunteer bush fire brigades, emergency services, farmers & rural property owners. SCROLL DOWN to view and purchase from our extensive range of Firefighting Goggles.

We also specialise in Prescription Safety Glasses and Prescription Safety Goggles. Whilst some Firefighting Goggles can be worn over Prescription Glasses, this is far from ideal. Prescription Fire Goggles are the ultimate solution for anyone faced with fighting fires and requiring optical correction.

When buying Firefighting Goggles, we recommend also buying a pair of Positive Seal Foam Safety Glasses. This means that when the Firefighting Goggles are taken off during a break or for non-fire related tasks, there is alternative protective eyewear to keep debris out of the ocular region and protect the eyes.

Australian Standards Certified

All Firefighter Goggles supplied by Eye Protect meet or exceed Australian Safety Standards. In particular all Firefighter Goggles meet or exceed Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 1337.1, the standard that specifies the minimum requirements for non-prescription eye and face protectors and associated oculars.

Bulk Orders & Consulting Services

At Eye Protect, we supply Safety Glasses, Safety Sunglasses and Safety Goggles to businesses of all sizes from individuals, contractors & SMEs to Australia’s largest companies with 1000’s of employees. We can supply Firefighter Goggles in various quantities and offer bulk discounts for larger orders. For bulk orders, just call or email us using the Contact Us webform and our team can provide a custom quotation. We offer a free trial program for employers with more than 20 employees to test different models prior to larger orders.

On Hand to Help

If you have any questions, need a hand in selecting the right Firefighting Goggles or want to find out more about our consulting services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. During emergency periods, we operate extended hours and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Range of Firefighter Goggles

At Eye Protect, we stock an extensive range of Firefighter Goggles. Our range consists of Fully Sealed Fire Safety Goggles and Vented Fire Safety Goggles. All models are designed to assist in keeping debris away from the eyes, however Fully Sealed Fire Safety Goggles provide complete protection from debris as well as keeping smoke out from the ocular region.

Bolle Fire Goggles

Bolle Safety pride themselves on producing market leading products which utilise the latest materials and lens technology. Bolle Fire Goggles can be worn under firefighting helmets and with other PPE such as face masks. All Bolle Fire Goggles feature Bolle’s Platinum lens coating, a premium anti-fog & anti-scratch coating applied on both sides of the Bolle Fire Goggle’s lens. This ensures the Fire Goggle can stand up to the harshest environments caused by fires of all types including bush fires. Bolle Fire Goggles have been tested to 200ºC showing no visible signs of deformation on the lens, frame and strap. Bolle Fire Goggles are offered in two lens tints, clear and CSP. Clear is a traditional lens tint suitable for all lighting conditions. The Bolle CSP lens tint is also designed for all lighting conditions; however its slight tint provides additional comfort in sunny or bright conditions.

Bolle Backdraft Fire Goggle: The Bolle Backdraft is the ultimate low profile Firefighting Goggle which is both compact and comfortable. Fully sealed, it is able to withstand the most extreme conditions and provides fantastic safety and protection. Bolle Pilot 2 Fire Goggle: The Bolle Pilot 2 Fire Goggle uses co-injection technology to ensure unequalled adaptability and comfort. Fully sealed, and splash, gas & dust approved, the Bolle Pilot 2 Fire Goggle ensures optimum eye protection.

UVEX Fire Goggles

There are 3 models of UVEX Fire Goggles, all offering top level eye protection. For over two decades, UVEX in cooperation with NSW Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) have developed bush fire PPE such as UVEX Fire Goggles to meet the challenges firefighters encounter through the bush fire season. UVEX Fire Goggles are compatible with firefighter helmets and can be worn with other PPE. UVEX Fire Goggles have also been designed to resist smoke penetration whilst allowing humid air to escape through the sophisticated goggle ventilation system which is based on smoke hut tests by the NSWRFS. For optimised lens performance, UVEX Fire Goggles feature the unique UVEX Supravision Excellence lens coating, an anti-fog & anti-scratch coating, providing clear vision to the wearer and ensuring prolonged life of the lens.

UVEX Ultravision Fire Goggle: The UVEX Ultravision Fire Goggle has a comfortable and ergonomic design as well as unrestricted side visibility. Utilising a foam pad backing it is designed for safety and all day comfort. UVEX Ultrasonic Fire Goggle: The UVEX Ultrasonic Fire Goggle combines hard and soft material components with medium mechanical rigidity for maximum wearer comfort. The UVEX Ultrasonic Fire Goggle can be paired with an optional prescription insert & prescription lenses to make it a Prescription Firefighter Goggle. UVEX U-Sonic Fire Goggle: The UVEX U-Sonic Fire Goggle is the smallest of the UVEX Fire Goggles and is perfect for men and women with smaller or narrower faces. Its lightweight design and hard and soft material components makes it particularly comfortable to wear. It can also be paired with an optional prescription insert & prescription lenses to make it a Prescription Firefighter Goggle.

Anti-fog & Anti-scratch Lens Technology for Firefighting Goggles

Fire Goggles are designed to resist high temperatures, as well as to protect against dust, gas and chemical splashes (model dependant). Moisture caused by sweat on or around the face from fighting fires and bush fires, particularly in hot dry summer conditions can cause the inside of lenses to fog up. It is for this reason that Firefighter Goggles are commonly equipped with anti-fog lenses, to delay the onset of fog, ensuring crisp vision in the most challenging of environments. Anti-fog coatings are paired with anti-scratch coatings to combat lens scratching, prolonging the useful life of Firefighter Goggles. Bolle Fire Goggles are supplied with the Bolle Platinum coating, a double-sided anti-fog & anti-scratch coating. UVEX Fire Goggles utilise the UVEX Supravision Excellence anti-fog & anti-scratch lens coating.

Face Seal Materials

Firefighter Goggles are designed to form a good seal on the face to protect the eyes and ocular region. Different materials are used by manufacturers to achieve the seal. Wearers can choose between foam-padded goggles (Backdraft & Ultravision) or rubber sealed goggles (Pilot 2, U-Sonic & Ultrasonic). Choosing between foam padding and rubber seal Firefighter Goggles is a matter of personal preference as both materials are designed for eye protection.

Bush Fire Goggles

In Australia, during the summer bush fire season, Firefighter Goggles are commonly referred to as Bush Fire Goggles. Bush Fire Goggles are essential for individuals and teams fighting bush fires in Australia. Even when not fighting fires, individuals, emergency services workers & rural property owners should wear Bush Fire Goggles when in fire affected regions to reduce eye irrational from smoke, debris and wind.

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Bolle BACKDRAFT BACECSP (Fire Goggle) (Fully Sealed)
The Ultimate Low Profile Fire Fighting Google The Bolle Backdraft are new high technology fire fi..
Ex Tax: $26.00
Bolle BACKDRAFT BACEPSI (Fire Goggle) (Fully Sealed)
The Ultimate Low Profile Fire Fighting Google The Bolle Backdraft are new high technology fire fi..
Ex Tax: $26.00
Bolle PILOT 2 1689119 (Fire Goggle) (Fully Sealed)
Supreme comfort Fire Google with advanced technology for fire fighting The Bolle Pilot 2 is desig..
Ex Tax: $26.00
Bolle PILOT 2 PILOFCSP (Fire Goggle) (Fully Sealed)
Supreme comfort Fire Google with advanced technology for fire fighting The Bolle Pilot 2 is desig..
Ex Tax: $26.00
UVEX U-SONIC 9308-342 (Fire Goggle) (Top & Bottom Vent Reduced) (Prescription Capable)
The UVEX U-Sonic provides a customised fit, low weight goggle with an optimum internal goggle enviro..
Ex Tax: $38.27
UVEX ULTRASONIC 9302-342 (Fire Goggle) (Top & Bottom Vent Reduced) (Prescription Capable)
The UVEX Ultrasonic is one of the most popular safety goggles in UVEX’s range of eye protection. The..
Ex Tax: $39.45
UVEX Ultravision 9301-342 (Fire Goggle) (Top Vent Closed)
The UVEX Ultravision’s comfortable and ergonomic design, unrestricted side visibility and a range of..
Ex Tax: $38.73
Australian Safety Wholesalers FIRE FIGHTER 803SHBCA (Fire Goggle) (Vented)
Australian Safety Wholesalers FIRE FIGHTER Fire Fighting Goggle The Fire Fighter has been designe..
Ex Tax: $29.91
Australian Safety Wholesalers FRONTLINE 109SRCFA (Fire Goggle) (Fully Sealed)
Australian Safety Wholesalers FRONTLINE Fire Fighting Goggle The new Australian Safety Wholesaler..
Ex Tax: $29.91
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