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At Eye Protect, our mission is: Eye Protection


We are committed to protecting worker’s eyes across all industries and work environments. To assist organisations with more than 20 employees in the selection and supply of the correct protective eyewear for eye protection, we offer a Free Protective Eyewear Trial Program.


Our Trial Program is designed to assist organisations to test different safety glasses, safety goggles & face shields before they make the investment in their workers eye protection and safety. During the Trial Program, one of our Eye Protection Consultants will work with your organisation to review current eye protection needs of your workers and sites, products currently being used and any usage issues and concerns. Following this, our Consultant will assist you to select a variety of safety glasses, goggles & face shields from leading brands for an onsite trial.




  Increased wear rates due to improved suitability and comfort


  Increased eye protection and safety


  Reduction in eye injuries as well as associated downtime and medical costs


  Reduction in costs through increased durability and useful life


  Motivated, productive staff and reduced worker complaints


  Improved risk awareness


Simple 5 Step Program


Our Free Protective Eyewear Trial Program is split up into 5 steps and takes 3 - 4 weeks to complete.


  Initial Meeting, Onsite Hazards & Usage Requirements: Initial meeting to understand your organisations work environment(s), products currently being used, any usage issues and other concerns. Our Eye Protection Consultant will assist you in assessing the onsite hazards and work environment with an aim to identify what hazards are present and what level of eye protection is required.
  Trial Model Selection: Based on the onsite hazards, required level of protection, budget and other factors, our Eye Protection Consultant will work with you to navigate the ranges of leading protective eyewear brands to identify the right mix of safety glasses, goggles & face shield solutions. Please note, some restrictions and limitations apply.
  Trial Period & Onsite Testing: Our Eye Protection Consultant will work with you to identify wearers to participate in the trial. Our Consultant will assist participants understand the role they play, the benefits of taking part, and the importance of their honest and constructive feedback. Eye Protect will supply the trial safety glasses, goggles & face shields so they can be tested practically in your organisations working environment(s).
  Feedback & Product Selection: On completion of the trial period, our Eye Protection Consultant will work with you and trial participants to collect feedback on the trial models. We utilise user friendly digital forms to collect honest feedback efficiently. We will work with you to review the feedback, so you can make an informed decision on the investment in your workers eye protection and safety.
  After Sales Service: Our Eye Protection Consultant will work with you to ensure a smooth implementation of new protective eyewear and can provide assistance on proper use and care.


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