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How to Clean Your Safety Glasses

Safety glasses should be cleaned regularly to ensure crisp vision for onsite safety. Regular cleaning also removes dust and debris from the lenses, which reduces lens scratching. Extra care should be taken during the cleaning process to ensure lenses are not scratched during the cleaning process. Did you know that according to UVEX safety, the number one reason for scratched lenses is improper lens cleaning with the second being improper storage.


For fingerprints, you can use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the finger prints off the safety lenses.


When your safety glasses are dusty or have grease or grime on the lens surface, we recommend that you wash your safety glasses. To wash your safety glasses, just follow the 5 step process below:


1. Remove: Start by rinsing your safety glasses under cold water to remove dust and debris from the frame and lenses.


2. Wash: Use a small amount of non abrasive hand soap or gentle detergent with cold water and clean the lenses with your fingertips.


3. Rinse: Once you have washed the frame and lenses, rinse them with cold water.


4. Dry: Pat dry the frame and lenses with a clean microfiber cloth.


5. Clean: Use a microfiber cleaning cloth or wet lens cleaning wipes to clean the safety lenses.


If a safety glasses cleaning station is available in your workplace, follow the directions on the cleaning station.






  Clean your safety glasses regularly to ensure you are seeing your best.


  Rinse your safety glasses under cold water before any washing in order to remove dust and debris.


  Use a clean microfiber cleaning cloth to dry the lenses.


  Always carry and store your safety glasses in their protective case or pouch.


  Safety glasses, goggles or face shields which are scratched or damaged must be replaced.


  When you put your safety glasses down, always make sure that the lenses are facing upwards. This will help keep them scratch free.




  Cleaning your lenses with your tee-shirt, an old rag, napkins, tissues or paper towel may be convenient, but over time your lenses will get scratched as these materials are infused with abrasive fibers and debris. Only use microfiber cleaning cloths or other safety glasses cleaning products.


  Do not use hot water or anything abrasive to clean your safety glasses as this can alter and damage the lenses including their anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings. As outlined above, cold water and hand soap works best.


  Do not clean your safety glasses with any solvent, detergent or alcohol based cleaning product.


  When putting your safety glasses away, never place them in your pocket, bag or backpack unprotected.

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