Eyres BERCY 150-MS1-GY

  • Eyres BERCY 150-MS1-GY
  • Eyres BERCY 150-MS1-GY
  • Eyres BERCY 150-MS1-GY
Brand: Eyres Safety Glasses
Product Code: 150-MS1-GY
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Eyres BERCY 150-MS1-GY


Eyres is a leading Australian based designer and manufacturer of safety glasses, safety sunglasses, prescription safety glasses and other protective eyewear.

Eyres safety glasses can be used for a wide range of safety applications and are designed to perform in the most unforgiving and hostile environments. Due to this, Eyres safety glasses are commonly used in industrial, mining, manufacturing, agricultural, health care, emergency services, military, law enforcement and sports industries.

Eyres has a wide variety of frame and lens options, allowing a perfect choice for all wearers.

At Eye Protect, we specialise in safety eyewear. We understand safety and the need for workers to protect their eyes from the dangers of the environments they work in. We also understand the requirements of businesses.


Established in 1989, Eyres Optics are an Australian based designer and manufacturer of eye protectors and sunglasses. Focusing on state of the art ingenuity in tooling and forging, Eyres have demonstrated their ability to produce eyewear to meet both the simplest and most demanding needs.

Eyres are world leaders in developing, constructing and distributing advanced eye protection systems for many applications. Eyres products are known to be lightweight, comfortable, flexible, durable and optical friendly.

The Eyres Difference

The Eyres range uses the latest technology, unique materials and advanced designs to create safety spectacles and sunglasses. This is achieved through Eyres' commitment to superior quality and design, using methods to support ongoing innovation and improvement of products.

Eyres uses superior materials to ensure that their eyewear is of top quality, and provides eye protection when it is needed most. Eyres provides a range of materials to suit a variety of lifestyles, always keeping comfort, performance and safety in mind.

Eyres non-prescription safety glasses lenses

Eyres offer a wide range of lens tints in their non-prescription safety glasses range allowing the wearer to choose a lens tint to suit the environment they operate in.

Non-polarised sunglass lenses: Provide protection from strong sunlight, providing natural vision for outdoor wear. These are extremely versatile lenses for outdoor activities.

Polarised sunglass lenses: These lenses are designed to cut out glare, especially in and around water environments. Specific colour tints can be used to increase performance in specific lighting conditions.

Low light-lenses: Best suited for low-light environments.

QUICK TIP: Businesses and wearers should consider the lighting conditions where the wearer will be wearing the Eyres safety glasses and select a lens tint appropriate for such application. For example, a worker working outside all day long in bright sunny conditions should select a non-polarised or polarised lens, but not a low light lens.

More information

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance and further information.


Features - Product Page
Age & Gender Unisex
Brand Eyres
Safety Standard AS/NZS 1337.1
Impact Resistance Medium
Frame Colour Matt Black Shiny Black
Frame Material Plastic
Frame Shape Wrap
Frame Type Full Frame
Lens Category
Lens Colour Grey
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Lens Technology Tinted
Purpose Safety Eyewear
Prescription Lenses No
Lens Depth 38 mm
Lens Diameter 64 mm
Nose Bridge 17 mm
Arm Length 122 mm
Contact Lens Type
Number of Lenses