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Shooting Glasses & Eyewear



Shooting glasses are one of the most important accessories any shooter can have as they provide light management, target colour contrast and the necessary eye protection required for shooting sports and hunting. Shooters are always looking for an edge to improve their accuracy. True accuracy cannot be achieved without a good quality pair of shooting glasses. With different lens tints, shooting glasses are able to manage light and improve colour contrast to enhance a shooter's view of their target or sights. Shooting glasses also reduce the effects of natural elements such as sun, wind, dust and insects which can cause vision problems, distractions and therefore reduce accuracy.


Many shooting glasses also use shatterproof polycarbonate lenses or similar materials which provide protection for the shooters eyes. With so many potential candidates, it can be hard for a shooter to decide what shooting glasses they should choose. At Eye Protect we have selected the best of the best to make your choice easier. We stock the Wiley X range of shooting glasses and prescription shooting glasses which provides many options for shooters of all firearms and disciplines.


Eye Protection Through the Use of Shooting Glasses


Eye protection is essential for anyone using a firearm at a shooting range or in a forest or field.


All firearms have a certain amount of recoil, and many shooting activities take place outdoors where sun, wind, dust and insects can cause vision problems and distractions. Shotguns and rifles are held on the shoulder, while handguns are no more than an arm's length away. These different shooting activities occur in close proximity to the face, which means shooters should take every precaution to shield their eyes from harm.


Shooting glasses are required at all shooting ranges whether a shooter is shooting for fun or in a competition.


Shooting Glasses Features


Generic, contoured sunglasses can be used for shooting, however they do not provide any of the features or benefits which shooting glasses and sunglasses specifically designed for shooting provide.


Generally speaking shooting glasses and sunglasses have the following features:


Wrap frame: Frames are designed to wrap around the shooters face to protect eyes from impacts and natural elements.


Frame material: Frames are made from metal, plastic or carbon fibre and are designed to be light weight and robust to stand up to the demands of shooters.


Non-slip frame temples and nose pads: Temples and nose pads are manufactured with non-slip material, to prevent the frame from moving or slipping whilst the shooter is shooting.


Adjustable frame temples and nose pads: Everyone is born different making it important that shooting glasses can be adjusted to correctly fit the shooters head.


Cable temples: Some frames may be supplied with cable temples which wrap around a shooters ears. This further prevents the shooting glasses from slipping or falling off.


Interchangeable lenses: Different coloured lenses can be used in bright or low light conditions and can be used to increase the colour contrast of the target.


Impact resistant lenses: Lenses are made with Polycarbonate or other similar materials to resist direct impacts.


Prescription lens inserts: A prescription lens insert can be inserted behind the main lens, allowing a shooter to correct their vision without losing the benefit of having interchangeable lenses.


Sweat/Brow bar: Frames can be designed to incorporate a sweat/brow bar, which prevents the lens from rubbing against the wearers head and reducers the possibility of the lens fogging up.


Shooting Lenses


Many lenses used in shooting glasses are specifically designed for shooting. Shooting lenses come in many different lens tints which allow a shooter to select different tints for different uses. Darker lens tints reduce the amount of light transmitting through a lens and are therefore best suited for shooting in bright sunlight. Lighter lens tints increase the amount of light transmitting through a lens and are therefore best suited for shooting in low light conditions. The lens colour can also be used to increase contrast providing better target acquisition. Both the Wiley X range offers many different frame and lens combinations, providing a customisable choice for all shooters.


Many shooting lenses are also coated with anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings. These coatings are designed to increase the scratch resistant properties of the lens and reduce reflections caused by the lens. Shooting lenses also contain ultraviolet protection which protect shooters eyes from the suns harmful rays.


Prescription Shooting Glasses and Lenses


Not just any prescription lenses can be used for shooting purposes. High quality lenses should always be used in prescription shooting glasses as high quality lenses are manufactured from premium materials which increase their lens clarity and reduce lens and target distortion. This in turn improves the shooters sight and target picture.


Prescription Shooting Glasses - Prescription Lens Inserts


As many shooting glasses utilise interchangeable lenses, the best option for optical correction for a shooter is to use a prescription lens insert behind the main sunglass tinted lens. The main benefit in using a prescription lens insert is that the wearer can still use interchangeable lenses. Once fitted with prescription lenses, the prescription lens insert will turn shooting glasses into prescription shooting glasses.


Wiley X utilise a prescription lens insert to provide corrective prescription lenses for wearers who require it. The design is capable of delivering a wide range of prescriptive power and provides the greatest possible unobstructed viewing area through both the prescription lens insert and the main sunglass tinted lens.


Prescription Shooting Glasses - Lenses


At Eye Protect, we believe that in order to get the best performance out of prescription shooting glasses, only premium prescription lenses should be used in prescription lens inserts. We therefore believe that when you purchase prescription shooting glasses, you should select the premium lens option choice.





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