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Shoot Off - Prescription Insert Optical Kit for NextGen Glasses

Shoot Off Glasses

Brand: Shoot Off Glasses
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Shoot Off - Prescription Insert Optical Kit for NextGen Glasses

Prescription Insert / Optical Kit & Prescription Lenses

The Shoot Off NextGen Glasses series utilises a Prescription Lens Insert to provide optical correction for shooters who require it. The main benefit in using a Prescription Lens Insert is that the shooter can still use the magnetic NextGen interchangeable lenses to manage light and create target contrast. The Shoot Off NextGen Glasses Prescription Lens Insert screws into the frame for a secure fit. The design is capable of delivering a wide range of prescriptive power requirements. The NextGen Glasses Prescription Len Inserts features include:

  • Metal Prescription Insert (with nylon rim allowing the top of the prescription lens to be rimless)
  • Prescription insert screws into the frame for a secure fit, so that magnetic NextGen interchangeable lenses can be clipped on and off without removal of the prescription insert

At Eye Protect, we believe that in order to get the best performance out of Shoot Off NextGen Glasses, only quality prescription lenses should be used in Prescription Lens Inserts. This ensures optimum target clarity for the shooter. At Eye Protect, all lenses used in Shoot Off Glasses Prescription Lens Inserts have anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings and are manufactured to ensure optimal fitting and alignment.

Our Optometrist has 30 years of optical and shooting experience. If you have any questions relating to your prescription and the need for optical correction for shooting sports, call us on 08 9248 1700.


Age & GenderUnisex
BrandShoot Off Glasses
Frame TypeShoot Off NextGen Glasses
PurposeShooting & Archery
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