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At Eye Protect we believe in supporting organisations such as Schools, Clubs and Businesses. By your students, members and employees wearing the latest in eyewear technology, they can perform at their best whilst protecting their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and other hazards. We have developed a cooperative program allowing Eye Protect and your organisation to partner together in providing your members with the eye care products they require to perform at their best.


By partnering with Eye Protect your organisation or members can benefit by:

  • Preferential pricing on eye care products.
  • Your organisation receiving a rebate for purchases made by your students, members and/or employees. This rebate can be used for fundraising or other purposes.
  • Sponsorship of your school, club or business by Eye Protect.

At Eye Protect, we understand that all schools, clubs and businesses function differently and we are therefore flexible in the partnership relationships we offer.






Example 1 - Schools

A large majority of the adult population in Australia own and wear sunglasses on a regular basis, however the utilisation rates of sunglasses among children and teenagers is much lower. Children and teenagers eyes are just as susceptible to damage from the sun’s harmful rays. At Eye Protect we stock a large variety of childrens and teenagers spectacle frames, sunglasses, safety glasses and sports goggles.


Sample models of the above  products are available for display in your schools uniform shop allowing parents to view the fitting and colour on their child. By entering into a partnership with Eye Protect we can offer either:

  • A discount to the parent when they place their order on our website making childrens and teenagers eyewear more affordable; or
  • A rebate to the school for any purchases made by students, parents and/or employees of the school. This rebate can be used for Parents and Friends (P&F) fundraising or other purposes.


Example 2 - Clubs

Members of a sporting club require the necessary performance eyewear to compete at their best. This may be for a cricketer wearing sunglasses on the cricket pitch, a squash player wearing protective goggles on the squash court or a swimmer wearing prescription swimming goggles. In return for partnering with Eye Protect and promoting our products to your members we are able to offer your club either:

  • A discount to your members directly when they place their order on our website;
  • A rebate to the club for any purchases made by the members of your club. This rebate can be used for club fundraising or budgeted for other purchases; or
  • Sponsorship of your club by Eye Protect.

This allows the members of your club to benefit by wearing the latest technology in eye protection, whilst your members or the club receive discounts, rebates and/or sponsorship for the promotion of our products. Depending on your club, promotion can be done through newsletters, signage or other media.



Example 3 - Businesses

Do you or your employees work outdoors or in hazardous environments? At Eye Protect, we stock a large range of sunglasses and safety glasses both of which can be supplied with or without prescription lenses. We are able to provide corporate pricing available to you and your employees. 




Should your school, club or business be interested in an Eye Protect partnership, please fill in your details below. Once we have received your details, we will contact you regarding the products and services we can provide to your organisation.

PLEASE NOTE: If any of the below fields do not apply to your organisation, please insert "NA" for that field.



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